Finding Your Home – What to Expect

After you initially contact me with what type of property you have in mind I will e mail you back a selection of homes that match your criteria. Sounds simple enough right? Sometimes there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. I will usually e mail, call, or sit down with you at the office (which ever you prefer) with a few questions. I want to get to know you and what your expectations are. For example how much do you know about our area? Do you enjoy your privacy or do you want to be where the people are? Are you going to have to commute, or are you retired and enjoy long morning walks? I may find through these questions that before you can decide on a home you need a tour of our town. There are many thousands of homes in Sarasota, with very similar prices, but they have many different features in many different and unique locations. It takes someone who has lived and worked here a long time to be able to best narrow down all those choices. I will sometimes preview them first so that when the time comes to physically look the chore won’t seem so overwhelming.

So now we have narrowed the homes down and are ready to start looking. I would suggest bringing a digital camera (I’ll bring a camera as well), pen and paper. I’ll supply a map, information sheets regarding each home and an afternoon of enjoyable conversation. If you have time I’ll usually stop at one of our unique out of the way restaurants and buy you lunch as well.

Take as much time as you need. For some folks 4 hours is all they need, for others the decision might be made after looking for three days and returning north to discuss things with their accountant, family, friends etc. I don’t believe in pressuring anyone to make a hasty decision – ever

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