Sarasota County’s 573 square miles extends from rugged ranchlands in the east to world renown tropical beaches on the Gulf of Mexico to the west. It is located approximately 60 miles south of the Tampa Bay area.

Those moving to Sarasota can select from a variety of neighborhoods, housing styles and prices. Secluded waterfront estates, golf course communities and historic neighborhoods abound with practically any architectural style or amenity desired.

Sarasotans enjoy pleasant temperatures in the lower 70s during the winter months and the upper 80s and lower 90s in the summer months.

With its wide variety of recreational activities,including theater, ballet, opera and international festivals,
Sarasota residents enjoy a spirited life-style usually found only in larger, urban areas.

Whether you choose to live on the water or on a ranch, you are only minutes from a beach, a marina, a golf course, fine dining and all the culture that makes Sarasota PARADISE on Florida’s Gulf Coast. 

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